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The Process & What To Expect

Step 1:  If you are not sure of what service to book or have questions schedule a consultation (Due to Covid-19 I prefer virtual consultations).

Step 2: Click here to place your order and pay your deposit. Please download, read and return the 2020-2021 design contract.


Step 3 Click here to download the checklist of suggested items that could be used to design your website. Also if you aren't sure where to start please fill out my WEBSITE PLANER and submit it with your content for your site 


Step 4: Submit design content and list your ideas for your website layout via email to


The design process (Min 6 weeks turn around
Week 1-2: Consultation,Deposit Payment, Content Submission)
3-4: Initial Layout design and Edit Requests
5-6: Final Revisions,Submission & Launch 

Unless otherwise stated during consultation! (RUSH FEE MUST BE PAID WITH DEPOSIT)

Turn Around Time